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Free Teacher Resources
Type Three and Type Four

These Type Three and Four teacher resource materials support the use of the Collins Writing Program and are provided free of charge. Be sure to check back periodically, as this list of resources continues to grow over time. If you have Collins Writing Program resources that you’d like to share with your colleagues, please contact us. We will promptly review your submission for possible inclusion. And, don’t forget to see our Collins Exchange for new and practical ideas on using and teaching writing.
Hands Raised

Type 3 and 4 Free Resources for Teachers

Tips, Assignments, FCAs, and more to support writing skills development in your classroom.

Empty Classroom
Teacher and Pupil

Type Three and Four Basics

Everything you need to get started with Type Three and Four Writing in your classroom.

Male Teacher with Students

Focus Correction Areas (FCAs)

Not sure which FCAs to use? Start here!

Symbolic FCAs for Kindergarten

Standards-Aligned FCA Lists

Purchase Writing Roadmap (hardcopy / PDF) for even more FCA ideas, as well as instructions on how to use student writing samples to teach them.


Type Three Assignments and Lessons Plans

Ready-to-use Type Three assignments across genres for use in all subject areas.​



Opinion / Argument

You Be the Judge: Evaluating an Answer


In the Classroom

Text-Dependent Response

A critical skill and key part of most state assessments. Use Collins resources to improve student responses

Comparing Notes

Compare and Contrast

An assignment that can be used over and over again made even better with our easy-to-use graphic organizer.

Writing with Pen

Student Writing Portfolio

Track student progress and build writing skills and habits with a simple, student-maintained portfolio system. These resources will teach you how.​

Student Writing Portfolios

​Visit our store to purchase Collins Portfolios (1-3 & 4-12) for your students.

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