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Dr. John Collins

CEA Founder

with an unrelenting passion for improving student achievement through writing.


Kristine Gibson

CEA Owner and Managing Director

With a passion for teaching and first-hand experience using Collins Writing in her classroom,  specializing in building effective writing practices.


Bill Atwood

20 years of experience in education and Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching.


Cheryl McDonough

Experienced English teacher, humanities chair, curriculum director, and school principal.


Erick Herrmann

Bilingual educator and author with over 25 years at the high school and elementary levels.

Dan Jones photo_edited_edited.jpg

Dan Jones

19 years in the classroom, Innovative educator, Flipped Learning leader, author, and pioneer in AI-enhanced teaching methodologies.


Lisa Lucas

3+ decades of experience as a teacher, instructional coach, administrator, & consultant.


Jerry Morris

Author and educator with passion for practicing all the aspects of sentence writing.

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