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About Lisa Lucas

Dr. Lisa J. Lucas has over three decades of experience in education, as a teacher, instructional coach, administrator, consultant and is currently a professor at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. She has experience in public, private, parochial, and career and technical institutes from pre-school to the graduate level. For fifteen years Lisa has been a Collins Writing Associate, helping improve student performance through writing and thinking across the curriculum, with a focus on student engagement.
Lisa provides professional development that explores how to elevate engagement in the classroom by establishing writing habits and routines that cultivate attention and enhance learning and retrieval. She has researched and developed practical self-care and stress reduction strategies for educators that integrate mindfulness and social emotional learning. Lisa is the author of Practicing Presence: Simple Self-Care Strategies for Teachers published by Stenhouse Publishers.  Her second book, Daily Sparks:180 Practices to Build Connections with your Students is soon to be published.
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