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What is Collins Writing?

Based on decades of research and results, the Collins Writing Program and its cornerstone Five Types of Writing provide teachers with a framework for using writing to engage, teach, and assess students while building essential writing skills and habits in the context of everyday classroom learning. Collins Writing is the answer to improving thinking, learning, and writing across the curriculum.

Shift the Balance

Collins Writing is a unified teaching and management system designed to increase the amount of writing and thinking happening in classrooms while streamlining teacher workload. 

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Improve Understanding

Collins Writing supplies schools with tools and routines to build student accountability, increase engagement, and improve content retention through writing, promoting meaningful learning in all content areas.

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Teacher and Student
In the Classroom
In the Classroom

Build Writing Skills

Collins Writing provides teachers with a structure that builds writing skills and habits through focused practice, increased student accountability, and meaningful feedback. From creative writing to text- and evidence based-response and everything in between–Collins writing is the difference between assigning writing and actually teaching writing. 

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Strengthen Writing Habits

Collins Writing routines increase fluency, support thoughtful prewriting, and improve students’ revising and editing skills–building lifelong writers.

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Studying at Home
Smiling Student Sitting At Desk

Establish Routines

The common language and clear expectations of the Collins Writing Program’s Five Types of Writing make it easy to teach and use writing across all grade levels and content areas in the context of everyday learning.

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Writing with Pen

Michael Reed,
Williamsport Area HS, PA

The Collins Writing Program was a key component of our school’s improvement initiative and has made a huge difference in our test results.

Dr. Jeffrey Grant,
CEO, Monument Academy Public Charter School Washington, DC 

The Collins’ Writing Program improves writing skills, but most importantly increases students’ ability to think critically.

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--Travis Whisenant,
Bridgeport MS,

These results were the highest performance on the assessments in school district history! I have seen firsthand the value of this program.

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