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About Kristine Gibson

Kristine Gibson is known for engaging audiences with her passion for teaching, her first-hand classroom experience using the Collins Writing Program, and her practical, realistic solutions to common classroom obstacles.  
Kristine is a master teacher and highly successful presenter for Collins Education Associates. She began her career as a public-school teacher, where she gathered more than a decade of classroom experience. She now focuses on helping teachers of all grades and subjects to make writing an instrumental part of their daily classroom instruction. Kristine demonstrates practical ways to help students improve their writing and thinking skills while simultaneously increasing their subject area knowledge and building accountability. Kristine’s undergraduate and graduate background in mathematics brings an added dimension to her work, combining her math expertise with proven strategies for improving student learning and retention in math and science classrooms. 
With a dual bachelor’s degree in elementary education and mathematics and a master’s degree in education, Kristine has over 25 years of combined experience in classroom teaching and consulting support for district-wide administrative leaders and teachers in grades K-12, nationwide. She is also the author of Writing Roadmap: Improving Writing Skills and Habits Through Meaningful Preassessment, Purposeful Focus Correction Areas, and Strategic Instruction, which provides K-12 writing teachers with the tools needed to diagnose writing strengths and needs and plan purposeful assignments and instruction for the entire school year.
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