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About Bill Atwood

Bill Atwood is a Collins Education Associate who has over 20 years of experience in public and private schools and is a recipient of a Presidential Award for excellence in Math and Science Teaching. He has led well over 2,000 workshops on improving narrative, informative, and argument writing, has modeled lessons in classrooms all over the country, and developed practical materials to support teachers to build writing and thinking skills. His book, How Did You Get That? Improving Open Responses in Math (Collins Education Associates published 2011) offers seven strategies to engage students in problem solving. He developed a dynamic video series, Words in Motion, to deepen academic and content area vocabulary.
Bill is known for his sense of humor, energy, and ability to focus on practical ideas that teachers can implement easily.  Bill is part of the graduate faculty at Castleton University and lives in Milton, Massachusetts with his wife and three children. 
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