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About Dan Jones

Dan Jones is a dynamic and innovative educator with a rich 19-year journey in the realm of teaching, currently engaging the minds of 7th and 8th graders in social studies at The Richland School of Academic Arts. With a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction, specializing in digital teaching and learning from the American College of Education, Jones is a forerunner in integrating technology into the classroom. His educational philosophy is rooted in fostering meaningful relationships with students and creating an inclusive environment that caters to diverse learners.

Jones's eclectic background spans private, public, and urban charter schools, equipping him with a versatile toolkit to ignite students' innate curiosity and nurture them into autonomous learners. He's a trailblazer in distance learning, having pioneered collaborations between his students and prestigious institutions like The National Archives and The White House Historical Association, making his classes a beacon of interactive and immersive learning.

A central figure in the Flipped Learning movement, Jones serves as the president of the K-12 Advisory Board for the Flipped Learning Global Initiative. He is also a founding member of the International Faculty for Flipped Learning and serves as the K-12 editor for FLR Magazine. His global influence extends through his active involvement in training educators worldwide, sharing best practices in Flipped Learning. As an author, Jones has penned 'Flipped 3.0 Project Based Learning: An Insanely Simple Guide' and 'Modern PBL: Project-based Learning in the Digital Age', both of which are groundbreaking works in contemporary educational strategies. His expertise in AI utilization in education is showcased in 'The AI Classroom' and he continues to lead the discourse on AI's role in education through his podcast 'The AI Cafe' on the Bam Radio Network. Dan Jones is not just a teacher; he's a visionary shaping the future of education.


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Visit our Most Requested Workshops Page to learn about Dan's latest session titled The Art of Writing in the AI Era: Balancing Technology and Best Practices in the Classroom.

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