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Writing Roadmap (spiral-bound print version)

Writing Roadmap (spiral-bound print version)

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Writing Roadmap includes everything K-12 writing teachers need to diagnose writing strengths and needs and plan purposeful assignments and instruction for the entire school year. This invaluable package of resources includes:

  • Prompts and Instructions: The carefully chosen prompts for beginning and end of year capture as many critical elements as possible from multiple genres. Diagnostic assessment takes only one class sitting and includes guidelines for teachers on how to administer, evaluate, and use results for designing an effective plan of writing instruction.
  • Diagnostic Rubrics and Class Checklists: Standards-based rubrics for each grade band are accompanied by class checklists for assessing patterns of strengths and weaknesses. NEW rubrics just for kindergarten and first grade emerging writers!
  • Writing Habits Checklist and GuideThis unique tool helps assess students’ approach to writing and provides ready-to-use classroom strategies for improving the critical writing habits that impact writing proficiency.
  • Annotated and Scored Student Writing Samples: Over a dozen samples represent a cross-section of prompts, grade levels, and writing competencies. Each sample is scored using the Writing Roadmap rubric and annotated with key observations to help calibrate scoring, targeted student goals, and instructions on how to use the sample in your instruction.

​​​​​​​Click here for Writing Roadmap video modules.

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