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Samples Of The Five Types of Writing

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Type 1 Samples

These samples display Type 1 writing in action across all grade levels.

Type One Writing is a short, timed quickwrite that gets kids thinking and keeps them engaged. Type One Writing requires a minimum number of items or lines to increase productivity and allow for easy over-the-shoulder feedback. ​

Type 2: Respond Correctly

Type Two Writing is a quickwrite that demonstrates understanding, builds critical thinking skills, and increases retention. Type Two Writing requires a clear, measurable content quota to increase accountability and streamline scoring and feedback.

Teacher and Student
In the Classroom
In the Classroom

Type 3:Edits for FCAs

Type Three Writing is a more carefully-composed, one-draft piece of writing that is typically submitted for a grade. Up to three Focus Correction Areas (FCAs) set clear and specific standards for the content, organization, style, and/or mechanics of the writing. For students, the FCAs set the writing focus and provide a framework for revision and editing. For teachers, the FCAs drive instruction and provide criteria for grading and feedback.

Type 4: Peer Edits for FCAs

Type Four Writing builds on Type Three Writing by adding a carefully structured peer-editing component and a second draft.

Visit our Revising and Editing page to see examples.

Students Chatting On Stairs
Students Co-working

Type 5: Publish

Type Five Writing is reserved for written work that undergoes multiple drafts and revisions to meet the highest standards of writing for the grade level. Most Type Fives begin as Type Threes or Fours or a series of Types Threes or Fours.

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